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Compact, sustainable and affortable Crystallizer 

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ZLD (Zero liquid discharge) is the only process that provides water for reuse in your production plant and guarantees compliance with any discharge regulation that may be passed in the future since it has no liquid discharge that can be regulated.


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Brineact developed a new, compact, all-in-one ZLD Crystallization System that reduces investment and operating costs, and recovers up to 97% clean water. It returns a solid waste for recovery or recycling.


Water recovery 97%

Reduce Capex up to 60%

Reduce Opex up to 60%

ZLD CRYSTALLIZER : Compact, sustainable and affortable

Introducing the Brineact ZLD Crystallizer – your compact, sustainable, and affordable solution for handling diverse waste streams effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex pretreatments; this new generation Evaporator & Crystallizer excels at managing RO rejects, pond residues, and untreated brines.

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  • Compact & Convenient: Choose from our range of standard units delivered as fully operational skidded systems with a short delivery time.

  • Scaling Resistant: Engineered to resist scaling and minimize corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Maximized Water Recovery: Achieve optimal water recovery with minimal solid waste production – a salt cake that's easy to handle.

  • Sustainable Design: Small footprint and outdoor placement flexibility, our design incorporates over 90% recycled materials.

  • High Water Quality: Clean water with ∼20 ppm TDS, perfect for reuse in your production processes.

  • Low Energy Consumption: Optimised design that reduces energy consumption five times compared to existing market solutions.

The Brineact ZLD targets scenarios where TDS content or brine precipitation exceeds membrane-based technology capabilities – typically above 6% TDS. Ideal for the recovery of high-quality valuable salts, including Nickel sulfate, Sodium chloride, Lithium carbon
ate, and more.


Each Industrial production plant has a specific waste water that varies from application to application.

There are several technologies in the market that can help you to get value out of your waste product and it is sometimes difficult to define which technology / solution applies to your specific waste.

  • How much water can I recover ?

  • What will be the content of my solid waste ?

  • Do I have some valuable product in the waste that I can resell ?

  • Which is the market value of these products?

  • Which solutions are available in the market ?

  • How much will this cost me CAPEX/OPEX ?

These are some of the questions we frequently receive from our customers.

To help you quickly get a consistent reply, and avoid spending your precious time on never ending searches we have created a new package offer: Brine ACT Pre-Study

Based on your waste water analysis our experts will help you reply to the above mentioned questions and get a quick idea about your ZLD potential !

Contact us and we will find your solution
Let the Brineact ZLD Crystallizer redefine your sustainability journey.

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