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How does Brineact ZLD works ?


Industrial crystallization is a process used to separate chemical compounds in solid form by inducing the formation of crystals from a solution. In this process, the water containing the dissolved substance is evaporated to a point where the solute becomes supersaturated, resulting in the spontaneous formation of crystals.

The size, shape, and purity of the resulting crystals can be controlled by adjusting parameters such as temperature, solvent composition, and rate of evaporation. Industrial crystallization is an important technique for separating clean water from inorganic or organic substances and provide a solid waste easy to dispose or recycle.

Brineact has developed a new Advanced Forced Circulation Evaporator & Crystallizer designed to be compact, affordable and easy to operate and maintain.

With its flexible and solid design, this equipment can be employed in rather viscous media and when scaling is a major issue and make it a perfect fit for ZLD applications where we need to optimise the water recovery and provide solid waste easy to dispose or recycle.

The system is using the  MVR (mechanical vapour recompression) that is the lowest energy consumption evaporation technology available today:

  • Vapour consumption almost zero

  • Consumption of cooling water almost zero

  • More compact layout, compared to a multiple effect evaporator  

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