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BRINE ACT ZLD: Unlock Sustainable Waste Treatment with ZLD Crystallizer

Introducing the Brineact ZLD Crystallizer – your compact, sustainable, and affordable solution for handling diverse waste streams effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex pretreatments; this new generation Evaporator & Crystallizer excels at managing RO rejects, pond residues, and untreated brines.

ZLD Crystallizer.png


  • Compact & Convenient: Choose from our range of standard units – S, M, L, XL – delivered as fully operational skidded systems with a short delivery time.

  • Scaling Resistant: Engineered to resist scaling and minimize corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Maximized Water Recovery: Achieve optimal water recovery with minimal solid waste production – a salt cake that's easy to handle.

  • Sustainable Design: Small footprint and outdoor placement flexibility, our design incorporates over 90% recycled materials.

  • High Water Quality: Clean water with ∼20 ppm TDS, perfect for reuse in your production processes.

  • Low Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient operation with only ∼45 kWh/m3 consumption.

The Brineact ZLD targets scenarios where TDS content or brine precipitation exceeds membrane-based technology capabilities – typically above 6% TDS. Ideal for the recovery of high-quality valuable salts, including Nickel sulfate, Sodium chloride, Lithium carbonate, and more.

Technical Excellence

The choice of model and consumption depends on client feed characteristics. For a 6% TDS feed, consider the example provided. Solids/slurry outcome humidity can be adjusted from 2% to 30%, meeting diverse customer requirements.

Purity Guarantee: Our standard evaporation and crystallization design assure high levels of salts purity output, including Nickel chloride, Potash, Sodium sulfate, Magnesium chloride, and others.

Customizable Solutions: Tailor the model and consumption to match your specific feed characteristics. We offer smaller or larger capacities and steam-driven systems upon request.

Contact us and we will find your solution
Let the Brineact ZLD Crystallizer redefine your sustainability journey.

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